The Seven Day Sheet Mask Challenge

I am a hoarder. Clothes, shoes, books― you name it. Other things I like to collect? Skincare products. Somedays, my stockpile gets really out of hand, I feel like I've just opened a mini K-Beauty store in my house.

So in an effort to make a dent in my ever growing stash and to finally consume them before they expire, I've set myself a little goal. Before the year ends, I hope to empty my half finished products (I currently have about 5 bottles) and use up all my unopened foil packet samples.

To help along with this endeavor, I've also decided to participate in SokoGlam's 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge. Basically you just have to use one sheet mask everyday for a week and post a mask selfie with the hashtag #soko7daychallenge.

I only sheet mask once a week due to my busy schedule but this challenge seems like a great way to deplete my close to a hundred sheet masks. (I know, I have a bit of a shopping problem. Lol)

Pamper treatments c/o Dr. Jart+ at Opening Ceremony's SS16 NYFW Show. Photo Credit.

So what exactly are sheet masks? When you want an affordable quick skin fix, sheet masks are your bestfriend. The easiest and cheapest way to treat yourself, these little cotton sheets soaked in essence make at-home pamper sessions possible for less than a hundred pesos.

For this challenge, I used 7 different variants from Tony Moly's I'm Real sheet mask line. Made of 3 layers of rayon pulp and formulated with natural ingredients, each type is tailored to target a particular skin need: for soothing irritated skin, for intense hydration, for brightening dull skin, for refining pores and controlling oil.

Each mask contains 21ML of essence and has a 5 Free System (it does not contain Paraben, Talc, Benzophenone, Triethanolamine, and Colour Additives.) The masks are also offered in three different types of essences: watery (which is highly moisturising,) micro emulsion (absorbs into the skin smoothly while simultaneously supplying water and oil,) and milk-liquid (makes the skin supple with enriched nutrition.) 

So how did my 7-day beauty challenge go? Read below my thoughts on each mask and the kind of results they delivered:

5 Tips on How to Wear All White Outfits

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If you want to try out this trend, here are 5 tips to make your white-on-white outfit look anything but boring:

1. Play with different textures. Make your outfit a little more interesting by mixing up different fabrics. Think tweed and chiffon; lace and linen. This combination of varying textures not only gives dimension to your ensemble but also helps it from looking flat.

2. Complement with neutrals. If you're not sure what to wear with an all-white outfit, neutral accessories are your safest bets. They pull your look together and blend in with your monochromatic ensemble.

Lazy Dressing 101

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