Recreating Princess Diana's Iconic Off-Duty Style

Taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting the '90s era— grunge flannels excluded.

When I think of nineties fashion, Doc Martens, baggy overalls and plaid shirts are just some of iconic trends that immediately come to mind. But it wasn't all just grunge and Rock 'n' Roll. There was also a different way of dressing up back then— a more refined manner and one that highlights classic silhouettes as epitomised by the decade's most stylish woman, Princess Diana.

Glossier's UK Launch: Product Reviews, Prices and Shipping

The long wait is over! Starting today, Glossier now ships in the UK and my wallet has never been this ready.

London Fashion Week Look 3: Modern Florals

 Day 3 of London Fashion Week Festival had me relying on one of my go-to outfit combinations: a jumper from my husband's wardrobe, a midi skirt that goes with said stolen borrowed jumper and shoes to pull the whole look together.

London Fashion Week Look 2: Colour Story

Go bright or go home.
Colour blocking with bold crayola hues for Day 2 of London Fashion Week Festival.