My zebra blazer will speak for itself. Rawr. Finally, animal print. :)

Vintage zebra blazer, No boundaries white wife beater, heart necklace from South Shores, random skinny jeans, black chain bag, Mario D' Boro patent pumps.


Rica said...

Hi Alexa!

glad to see your page! wow we are both filipina and im grateful to see you here in blog world. i love your posts and your outfits. keep it up gurl.

anyway if you have time please come and visit my site. if you like it, please follow and i will follow back. i just added you to my visit sites.


candybox said...

Love your zebra cardigan! Super cute and so versatile!


Vinda Sonata said...

love the zebra cardigan! animal-printed items are great fashion statements--they are great to be worn with almost everything. :)

Nina said...

Hi Alexa!

Yes, to your "Yay, another Filipina blooger!" comment at my blogsite!

Glad to have found each other ...

You look suuuuper hip! Rawrr indeed!


Vinda Sonata said...

thank you for visiting me back :)
great. let's exchange links, i've added your blog under the 'cool blogs' tab--do check it out! :)
and i'll follow your blog too so that we could keep in touch ♥
feel free to follow me back.

Erika said...

That blazer is amazinggg! :)