Recent Buys

Here are some stuff I bought today. Beige shorts, brown woven belt and heart necklace from South Shores.

I got tagged on Chictopia for the Beautiful Blogger Award by the uber stylish Bestie of thecapriciousclub. Thanks for tagging me, dear! :)

7 random facts about me:

1. I am deeply fascinated with Ancient Egyptian Civilization. I even made projects and research papers about it back in highschool. And I’m planning to go to Egypt someday. :)
2. I have 30 plus pairs of shoes. And only 2 pairs are flats. Most of them are atleast 3-4 inches high. Hehe
3. I love Mexican food.
4. I am obsessed with vintage stuff— clothes, shoes, accessories, movies, and etc.
5. I’m currently looking for oxfords. (Any advice where I can buy them?)
6. I like receiving stuff in the mail. Opening packages and reading letters make me really happy. :)
7. I need a job. Haha I’m fresh out of college and I recently passed the board exam. Hopefully, I’ll get a job next year.

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