Vintage Patterns

I've always wanted to learn how to make dresses. But sad to say my sewing abilities aren't exactly at par with the designers in Project Runway. Haha I just know basic stitching and basic techniques in repairing clothes. I'm actually planning on taking classes so that I can finally use these vintage patterns.

My interest in making clothes started when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I remember my grandmother would always make me shorts, blouses and dresses. And I would always sit with her and observe her while she made them. I would accompany her to the store to buy materials and she would always let me choose which fabrics I like. She has a Singer sewing machine with a wooden base. If I’m not mistaken, the sewing machine was her mother’s. So the sewing machine is probably 50 or 55 years old.

I'm kinda excited to make the sundress (pattern on the right.) I love the buttons and the open back. I'll probably change the neckline though. A sweetheart neckline would look better on me and I'll probably shorten it a bit. And I'll wear a tutu underneath so that the dress will look puffy.

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