An Open Letter to My Fabulous Readers

Dear Readers,

I am officially the world's laziest blogger. HAHAHA :) I'm really sorry for lagging on the posts. I've been really busy with work. A couple of weeks ago, they changed my schedule that's why I find it difficult to take outfit shots. But now that everything's back to normal, I promise to post regularly.

PS. Thank you so much to Teen Vogue for the wonderful feature! I was the Best Dressed Reader of the Day on March 22. Yay! :) And thank you to my readers for telling me the good news.

You guys can check it out here.


Alexa. :)


Blackcat060 said...

congratulations to you my dear. pls follow me as well. thanks! :)

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i've missed you alexa...
it's been months!

looking forward to more outfit posts from you!

congrats on the feature!

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