Thank You :)

Thank you to for the feature! :)

You guys can check it out here.

Lookie what came in the mail for me:

I finally got my chictopia reward!!! The pin's REALLY beautiful. The photo does not do justice. They included Chictopia stickers in the package as well. Thank you so much, Chictopia! ♥

There's something about getting stuff in the mail that makes me incredibly happy. May it be post cards, letters or packages--- my insides jump for joy when I receive something from the post man. I HONESTLY enjoy looking at the stamps and other markings on the envelope. Weird, right? Hehe

How about you? Did you receive anything in the mail lately? Do share. :)

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J E S S U said...

And me too! I love getting stuff in the mail, so much that I like ordering things online just so I can be pleasantly surprised when I receive them!

Recently I've been receiving Ebay purchases :3

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