Dressing Up

Many people say that their favorite article of clothing are jeans. They find them comfortable and easy-to-wear. I, on the other hand, have never really been overly fascinated with denim. I think I have only 5 different pairs (in different washes and cuts) inside my closet: black skinny jeans, dark wash Mango jeans, light wash cigarette pants,  faded boyfriend jeans and my blue Jag jeans.

Most women feel relaxed when wearing denim. But honestly, I think that wearing jeans is stressful than wearing a dress. When wearing jeans, you need a blouse/top to go with it. You have to consider the length of the top, the fabric, the color and do you need to tuck it in or not? Then you think about accessories--- do you need a necklace? Bangles/bracelets? A belt? And do the cut and length of the jeans go with your shoes?

I've always believed that putting on a dress is a no-brainer. On days when I have no time to think of a killer outfit, I grab one of my dresses, strap on sky-high platform heels, accessorize appropriately and voila!There's something about a dress that makes you look, well, dressed up. It gives the impression that you made an effort when the only thing that you did was slip it on and zip it up.

Violet dress- Mum's gift, black bondage shoes, Alexandria waistbelt.


Leah said...

I agree with you... it's easier to dress in dresses than in separates. You look so gorgeous btw... love the pretty dress. xoxo

i am alexa said...

thanks babe! :)

onetwofree said...

Dresses are far more comfortable than jeans! Although it gets a little tricky in snowy weather. But if I lived in Cebu, I'd be in dresses and rompers all the time!

nerai said...

Hi! i love your blog.
I'm a filipino too and quite new to blogging. You've gone far and done a pretty good job with your blog. I hope i can be like you.

p.s. nice dress!

i am alexa said...

@Nerai: thanks so much dear! I'm sure you'll get the hang of blogging! :)

SoFranni Finesse said...

lovely blog!