I Heart Blogging

I got interviewed by Liz and Ruth from Singapore for their project entitled, "The Fashion Blogging Phenomenon."

Q1: Why did you want to foray into Fashion Blogging?
I've always been into dressing up and making statement outfits. When I go to places, I don't really like to wear what everybody else is wearing--- I don't like blending in. I like creating themes with my outfits. I got into Fashion Blogging because this is a platform where I can express my creativity in styling and putting together outfits.

Q2: Who or what gave you the inspiration to start blogging?
Agathe of Stylebytes inspired me to start my own blog. Eventhough she stopped blogging in 2008, I still check out her site once in a while because her photos are simply AMAZING. She has great style and I love seeing her vintage, thrifted and second-hand finds.

And also, I made a blog so that I can meet people who have similar interests with me and discuss the newest fashion trends, must-have items, up-and-coming designers and style IT-girls.

Q3: What do you think of your success so far?
I started blogging last year, November 2009, and so far, I've been very blessed to have wonderful readers and to be featured on TeenVogue, Candy Magazine, Stylebible.ph and Penshoppe.

Q4: Will you consider treating blogging as an occupation?
Yes, blogging can definitely be an occupation. I've always wanted a career in fashion so if I could, I'd definitely quit my day job and focus on blogging.

Q5: How do you think this has impacted the fashion industry?
Bloggers now serve as new inspiration to fashion designers, fashion magazines and retail giants. Fashionistas turn to streetstyle blogs for fresh ideas on putting together looks. Personally, when there are days when I feel like I have nothing to wear, I head on over to Chictopia, Lookbook, Karla's Closet and other blogs to inspire creativity and come up with chic ensembles.

Q6: What do you think of the future of fashion blogging? Will it continue to flourish/die down?
Fashion Blogging is definitely here to stay. Bloggers will continue to be inspiration to all of us.


Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

great interview alexa!
and hey, we started out on the same month! cool!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

i am alexa said...

Oh yeah, you also started around November, right? :)

Congrats on the Vogue Paris feature, babe! :)