Vintage Jewelry

A couple of my favorite vintage jewelries...

Green enamel bangle

Heart ring

Pearl cuff from my grandma

Gold earrings

Pearl earrings

Wooden clip-on earrings

Large hoop earrings

50-year old pin from Chictopia

Earrings from Mum


Today's rants:

I wish blogging was my day job.

I want a walk-in closet with a huge shoe wall, a form mannequin and lots of accessory/jewelry display holders.

Can someone please take me to Thailand, Egypt, Rome, Paris and Newyork? I will love you forever. :)

I need sunblock, ASAP.

Must get a haircut.

I want to drink a whole pitcher of iced tea. Crazy summer heat.

I secretly want to live inside an Accessorize Store. LOL

PS. I apologize for the crappy outfit shots on the last 2 posts. My camera temporarily died on me. I was stuck with my phone's camera. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.


mommy ek said...

I like all your accessories!

i am alexa said...

thanks dear! :)