Blogger Domination

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
Fashion Blogs have the biggest impact on me. I could just hop from one blog to another the whole day and not get tired. When I have nothing to do and I don't feel like going out, I just grab the laptop and click on every blog that I fancy.

They serve as inspiration on days when I feel like I have nothing to wear. There are really some days when I have no clue on what to wear even though my closet is full of clothes. I check out my favorite blogs, go on Lookbook or Chictopia and see what's new on the style gallery to seek inspiration.

It's like going shopping without spending. I honestly do feel like I'm shopping when I'm reading blogs. How do I do this? Easy. When I see a gorgeous look, I'll check if I can recreate it using the clothes that I have. And viola! I have a new outfit without buying anything. It's great because I get more mileage out of my clothes.

Like a first-class trip around the world. When I read other people's blogs it's like I'm visiting their country as well. I like looking at the places they've been to. And it's incredibly fun seeing how people from different walks of life put together their outfits. I like reading about their shopping secrets, experiences and their latest finds. 

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cher arceo said...

hi! this is soo cool. imma try this 30-day challenge soon! :))

I Am Alexa said...

Yesss, you should try it! It's fun. ♥