I Swear, I'm Still Alive

And the Award goes to... Me, as the Worst Blogger EVERRRR. LOL 

Hi, guys!!! :) I missed all of you! It's been 2 months since I last posted. Geeez. Where the hell have I been??? HAHA But honestly, I was REALLY busy. Like, you have no idea how pre-occupied I was with work, with life and everything in between. Since my last post, here are the things new about me:

I turned 22 last June 15 (Although, I like to pretend that I will be forever 21.)

My bestfriend is coming back from LA. He's been there since January. So yeah, when he arrives, PARTYPARTYPARTY. 

I am busy planning for "something." Will dish out the details soon! 

I am on a shopping ban for quite sometime now. The last shopping excursion was last May. I didn't even "shop 'til I drop" on my birthday. I just bought ONE piece of clothing, a tribal, african-inspired jumpsuit. That's it. And honestly, it takes a lot of courage and determination to go inside a store and walk out empty-handed. People close to me know that I will never go to a mall and go home without buying anything. So, please be proud of me for not entertaining the calls of fierce, structured shoes and summer-perfect floral dresses.

I'm heart-broken. I feel like crying everytime I read a blog post about a blogger's latest trip to the Forever 21 Store in Manila. :( Why can't you open a branch here in Cebu as well? Sigh. But I'd like to thank the fashionistas who blogged about their F21 purchases and their F21 shopping experience. At least I got to see what the store had to offer. 

And lastly, I miss blogging. I miss posting outfit shots, talking about my current obsessions, reading other blogs and gasping for air whenever I see a perfectly styled outfit. Fashion Blog World, don't break up with me, okay? I will never trade you for anything. 

Pretty photo from here. ♥

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