Lookie What I Got

Forever 21 may have opened in Manila 3 weeks ago but my heart still breaks at the thought of not being able to spend a couple of hours shopping in that store. I could just imagine myself buying skirts, body suits, basic tees and fab accessories. I even considered booking a flight to Manila just to satisfy my F21 cravings. Sadly, I can't do that because I'm tied to my job. I can't be absent. And yes, I do have impressive work ethics. LOL

God must have heard my prayers because the other day, Mr. Post Man came to my house to deliver a slip. I needed to get my ass down to the post office to claim a package.

What could it be???

My bestfriend, who's finally coming back from LA, sent me these post-birthday presents:

He sent me a cute card and a shit load of Forever 21 bangles! HAHA Weeeeeeee :) Happy times. ♥


Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

love the arm candies!!!:) And i missed you babe! Hope you could post more:)

bekster said...

thats so cute :D
I need more silver coloured accesories