This Month I will...

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

Some monthly goals:

Find time to update my blog. I'm extremely busy but I WILL try to post often. :)

Avoid overspending on clothes and shoes. I've been on a shopping ban since May and it's really hard. Haha Instead of totally not buying anything, I'll allow myself to buy some stuff as long as I won't make big purchases.

Take short trips. I intend to visit places I've never been to during the weekends.

Catch up with friends. Since we're all working, it's kinda hard to fit get-togethers into our schedules. So, hopefully, we can all meet up and have lunch or go Island Hopping.

Clean out my closet. I do enjoy weeding out my closet because it means that I can go and buy new items. Yay! Hehe I have a small walk in closet and I like to stay there and try on clothes and come up with outfits. It's not that big though but it's enough for me. Will post a photo soon. ♥

And oh yeah, wanna win amazing prizes---- Clothes, shoes, accessories and make up??? Go check out Aisa's AWESOME blog give away! :)

Black floral dress from a bazaar, Guess denim jacket, Leaveland shoes, brown woven belt.


Vinda Sonata said...

alexa you look great!
love that denim jacket on you!!

I Am Alexa said...

@Vinda: Thanks so much, dear! :)

Zaya said...

A shopping ban since May? That's difficult, haha! Define "big purchases" ;)

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

thanks for the giveaway mention babe!=) love your outfit!!!:) And andami na natin magmeet on december haha.

I Am Alexa said...

@Zaya: Yesss, it's VERY difficult. Haha I'll allow myself to buy clothes just as long as they're not very expensive.

@Aisa: Hahaha yes, "andamon na nato atong pagmeet on december." :) Can't wait! ♥

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

hahaha! i am so glad i didn't call the girl out...good that i trusted my instincts or uwaw jud kaayo to...hehe.

love the floral dress with the denim jacket by the way..this combo is always a win.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

I Am Alexa said...

@Gizelle: HAHAHAH Glad you didn't call her out! hehe :)