Skirting the Issue

I Am Alexa in 30 Days
Day 24- A letter to your parents

The past few months have been extremely excruciating. I will not lie, I'm really tired. I've been so hard on myself. I worry about work and my life 24/7. I need a break. I need to unwind. I need to relax. I need to enjoy life. I need to feel alive again.

So, I booked a ticket to Singapore together with my brother and my bestfriend. We plan to visit not only SG but the other neighboring countries as well. Hopefully, after this trip, I will find myself again. We leave on September 21st. So, if you guys have any ideas or tips on which places to visit, do drop me a note. Can't wait for our Asian Tour! :)

About the challenge, I don't really have a letter for them. It's not that I don't have anything to say. I get to talk to them every single day so I guess there's no need for letters.

Photographed are a couple of my favorite skirts. God, I love high-waisted skirts. Must buy an acid-wash one ASAP.

PS. Wanna win some oxfords? Go Check out Fashionista Fortune Cookie. Lloyda's giving away a gorgeous pair of oxfords from Ichigo. :)


being miss east said...

2nd row center, lovely.
next homework? ^^

Anonymous said...

universal studios! and bugis, which is their "best night market" or something like that :) haha. i had friends who asked me to bring them high-waisted skirts, and i found some in bugis for about 10 singapore dollars each

I Am Alexa said...

@Paolo: Thanks so much for your tips! Will definitely check out Bugis. :)