You for a Day

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Need I say more?

Without a doubt, I'd like to be Olivia Palermo for a day. She has a really good taste in fashion. She always as impeccable style, perfect hair, a fresh face, delicious accessories and a gorgeous boyfriend on her arm. 
I want that bejewelled Topshop jacket. Sigh. I die.

I posted Day 17 first because I wasn't able to scan my baby pictures today. For some reason, our scanner got busted. I'll post them after I have them scanned in my dad's office.

Photos from here.


being miss east said...

ganyan.. olivia palermo jud.
ang bayukems. emal ra.

I Am Alexa said...

HAHAHHA gwapo kaau noh?? :)