The Eagle Has Landed

Hi! We just landed in Singapore. And the moment I stepped out from the airport, I immediately knew that I belong here. The country is very beautiful. And the people are sooooo fashionable! We arrived around 6 PM and got to our place in Serangoon around 8PM. Our cousin's girlfriend picked us up and taught us how to ride the bus and the MRT. She also took us to Raffles City, Marina Square and Esplanade. We didn't have enough time to shop around because when we got to the malls, it was near closing time already. So tomorrow, my brother and I are going back to shopppp. :)

I wore this outfit during the flight. But my feet died after several hours of walking in these boots. Haha


Anonymous said...

singapore.i want visit there!!!
oh. i love ur boot.
great black outfit!


being miss east said...

ang aking curry, nailagay mo na ba sa bag mo?

being miss east said...

aba aba abakada.. kilala ko ang boots na yan.