Little India and Bugis

We initially planned to just go to Little India today but then we got lost (again. Haha) We were walking for almost 30 minutes. It was extremely tiring. But atleast we were able to walk all the way to Bugis. I went crazy with all of the clothes. I cannot wait to wear all of the stuff that I bought.

I always wondered why all of the people here in SG are very fashionable. Ladies heading to the office are clad in smart casual, Lipstick Jungle-inspired outfits. Young men are sporting plaid shirts, folded jeans, canvas shoes and tote bags. Young women wearing ripped acid-wash shorts, floral rompers, gorgeous heels and booties. Now I know why. They're rocking awesome looks because the clothes that are sold here are also very fashion-forward.  :)

I'm wearing this printed romper so that I can blend in with the rich colors and hues in Little India. I paired it with a brown beaded necklace and beige cage shoes.


being miss east said...

CHANEL in ION CITY, gwapa! hahaaha ingon si bf, nice daw ang photos! oh btw, we are LQ again hahahahaaha as in. for good.

Kristine R. said...

you were walking for 30mins in those shoesssssssss? WOOOOOW IDOL! :) Teehee

LaeLa_JaNe said...

can you please bring me one of those rings..please????
ahhhh lex, i am so jealous....*sigh*

I Am Alexa said...

@Miss East: Yesss, chanel. :) And nganong nag LQ nasad mo?? hahaha

@Kristine: Yes, 30 minutes of being lost while wearing those shoes. I died. heheh :)

@Little Lulu: Hi! No class? Hehehe :)