Merlion Park and Arab Street

We went to the Merlion Park today. I'm wearing a yellow cropped top, Guess brown leather belt, and beige Follie shoes. After having lunch at Raffles City, we headed to Arab Street. There were a lot of local shops selling textiles, scarves, accessories and souvenir items. We also visited the Sultan Mosque. Before heading home, we stopped by a toy store in Golden Landmark Village. I fell in love with this place. I felt like a little girl again. :) I enjoyed the party goodies, toys, wigs, candies and chocolates.


LaeLa_JaNe said...

why does your feet look the same on all pictures?

kekeke..peace! just keen observation.

love the yellow tank though..
sexy can't just be red!

I Am Alexa said...

Hmmmm... I didn't ralize that. Hahaha Will master another pose next time. ^^