Orchard Road and China Town

We went to Orchard Road and China Town today. I died looking at all the stores, fashionistas, buildings and streets. Once again, I belong here. I'm calling out to my Singaporean readers (if I have any hehehe), PLEASE adopt me. I don't wanna go back home. :)

I'm wearing a white wife beater, the Iconique skirt that I won from Aisa's give away, and my favorite boots. My brother and I continued shopping for ourselves, for our family and friends. And I bought this really cute pink umbrella from China Town. I've been wanting to buy something like this for a long time now.

Have a great night, my loves! ^^


mera said...

I see from your pictures that you ALWAYS bring your oh-so-reliable flip flops!
bahalag sigeg heels basta naay flats..I always do that also! :)

I Am Alexa said...

@Mera: Yesssss, I bring flip flops with me because my feet will die if I'll wear heels the whole day. Heheh :)

being miss east said...

cotton on. shet. wait ha. nag tan.aw ko ila site karon.. hmmm.. haahaha