Universal Studios

We were supposed to go to Universal Studios today but unfortunately, the tickets were sold out already when we got there. :( We just went around Waterfront City in Sentosa. We also bought souvenirs from Universal Studios.

Then we headed to Food Republic in Vivo City and had a very delicous meal--- porkchop, pork stew, some veggies and rice with curry sauce. Sooooo yummy. After lunch, we went back to Bugis and bought more stuff for our family and friends. 

I would like to share a couple of things that I learned today. When you're in Singapore, it's best to always have the following:

1. A map--- This is extremely important and make sure that you know how to read it. Haha Don't be like me and walk around for 30 minutes because you went the wrong way.

2. A bottle of water---This is more practical than buying drinks in food stalls/ restaurants. Since in SG one cannot eat or drink anywhere, just bring water because it's easier to keep inside your bag and it's cheaper than smoothies and other fruit juices.

3. EZ Link Card--- This will bring you to many places so make sure there is sufficient load for you to get around in buses and through the MRT. 

4. Slippers and Pain Relievers----  If you're like me and believe heels will complete your outfit, just bring slippers so that you can give your feet some time to rest. Bring pain relievers, too. Haha You really have to walk here to get to other places. You can take a taxi though but the taxi fare here is quite expensive. 

5. A big tote bag--- Shopping bags are easier to bring if you just put them all in a tote bag.

6. An umbrella--- The weather in SG these past couple of days is unpredictable. At times, it's warm and sunny outside. And then there are days when it's raining. Boo. It sucks because I HATE bringing an umbrella. I feel that it takes too much space in my bag. Hehe But today, I finally gave in and bought one because it was raining.


itahl said...

Alexa, I so love your sneakers.. Is that Vans? I love the color, so pink..

being miss east said...

i know why you werent able to get into universal studios --- you were wearing a MICKEY MOUSE shirt, frend! a meke maws shert!

being miss east said...

oh btw, why is your kuya /bff wearing my stuff? why?

being miss east said...

lex, naa pa ka SG?

hahahahaa can you get me this please? ako uli.an when yuo get back mwah.. pero ka feel ko nag eylefant ride na ka karon hahaa