I went shopping with Mum last weekend. I bought 2 oversized racer backs that I can layer over bandeau tops. I also picked up 2 trousers--- a purple and a blue one. I've worn gray and beige trousers before but this time, I wanna experiment with colors. I checked Chictopia and Lookbook for  inspiration and found these gorgeous girls.

Aren' they just dreamy??? I cannot wait to rock my new trousers! :)

PS. Mum made me give away some of the shoes that I wasn't using on a daily basis. She said I had too many of them. I reasoned that it was perfectly normal to have 30 pairs. In the end, I gave away 13 pairs. Cue in my separation anxiety. Sigh. I die.


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

you gave away 13 pairs of shoes????? whoa!
you should have sold it in our garage sale nalang...

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Sweet Aurestelle said...

oh dear...that is really hard to let go of your important stuff.

I remember my mom and i argue a lot at home because she wants to give my old bags to our maids and my tops and dresses...I cannot let go of them and my only reason is that those styles and trends will always go back!!!

But when I gained weight I did not have any choice at all...and she regret giving away my items when I came home last March losing the extra weight hahahah!!!

Special memories...

Can't wait for you to rock those trousers lex...


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I Am Alexa said...

@Gizelle: Yeah, I gave away 13 pairs. I think Mum gave it to other people.

@Sweet: Will check it out! ^^