I enjoy making lists. I always have a pen inside my bag so that I can write down my thoughts. I often find myself writing outfit ideas at the back of receipts, on tissues and scrap papers.  Just yesterday, I took note of the things that I have to buy at the back of a Starbucks receipt. I need new shoes, a black sheer top, leather pants and awesome chunky jewelry. And sometimes, right before I go to sleep, I can think of stuff to write about on my blog, more outfit ideas, things to do and etc. I get too lazy to get up, to turn on the lights and look for a pen and paper. So what I do is, I just grab my cellphone, type and save my ideas.

On to the outfit, I am completely in love with this top. I love the fabric and the crochet details on the sleeve. I was going for a casual look for work. I am wearing my boyfriend jeans and the vintage Paris necklace that I got from Drowning Equilibrium’s give away.

Top from SG, Necklace from a give away, Guess brown leather belt, Chevignon boyfriend jeans, Leaveland shoes.


AVA T. said...

i love this look a lot :) the top is cute!

Abbie♥ said...

awww such a lovely outfit. your top is just perfect! <3

Sharina said...

Beautiful nautical outfit! I love the sleeves' crochet details! I like the whole look, Alexa!

I do that too! Type ideas on my phone. Get a Moleskin or a small notebook to pen down all your notes! :)

ching said...

i am in search for that kind of top lately..haha where'd you buy yours in Cebu Alexa? :D
i love making lists too. i have my handy dandy organizer and pen all the time.

Anonymous said...

I really like your outfit :)

I Am Alexa said...

@Ava: Thanks, dear! :)

@Abbie: Thank you! ^^

@Sharina: Yes, I'm definitely getting a small notebook! Hehe :)

@Ching: I bought this top during my Singapore trip. ^^

@The White Camera: Thank you! :)

Eden said...

love the striped blouse alexa, tres chic!

btw, wala lagi ka pag blogger photoshoot? sayang, wouldve wanted to meet you!