Lookie What I Got Part Tres

I claimed another package from the Post Office last Wednesday. Yay! The two-tone scarf that I redeemed from Chictopia has arrived. They are so nice for still sending me this after they mistakenly sent me the Rebecca Bonbon sweatpants.

I love how they always pack the Chic Rewards with purple wrapping paper.

I LOVELOVELOVE textured scarves! :)
Thank you, Chictopia!

PS. Thank you so much for all of your lovely tweets and comments. You guys are so sweet! I have the best readers everrrr. Mwah. :)

Sinulog street party todayyyy! See you guys later. ♥


ching said...

chictopia is awesomesauce!

Anagon =) said...

Oooh coolness! That' something else from Chictopia, thinking if I should join the bandwagon, haha! :D Awww wish I can be there, everyone's in Cebu! :D Haha! :)) Enjoy Sinulog! :)

AVA T.♥ said...

i envy you for all the chictopia goodies! haha :)

Melai said...

alexa thanks for the award!! :) mwuah!

Melai of Style and Soul

Hope Adela said...

congrats on the chic reward, dear! can't wait to see how you wear it! =)


KC said...

love the scarf!!! nice catch there!


I Am Alexa said...

@Ching: Yep, they have nice chic rewards. :)

@Ana: Yeah, go check the rewards section and see if there's anything that you like. :)

@Ava: Go redeem an item for yourself! ^^

@Melai: You're welcome! :)

@Hope: Thanks so much! ^^

@KC: Thanks, dear. :)