My New Year's Resolutions:

Eat more healthy food. I'll make it a habit to always include atleast one fruit every meal. Eating fruits is a great start because I HATE vegetables.

Save more. I will be a smarter shopper. I will try to limit shopping. Haha Goodluck to me on that one!

Learn how to drive and ride a bike. Yes, I cannot ride a freaking bike. But no worries, I have my 11-year old sister to teach me. HAHAHA And I will take driving lessons, too. Drivers in Cebu, watch out for me. I promise to do my best not to ruin the plants and flowers on the street, avoid running over animals and put your lives in danger. Hehehe

Travel more. This year, I hope to see the world more. I'm planning to go to HK, Bali and Thailand. :) Cannot wait for my elephant ride!

Blog religiously. I really am working on this. I don't want to be MIA anymore. I also hope to get the chance to attend more events and meet more people. ^_^

How about you? What are your resolutions this year? Do share.

PS. I'm wearing the shoes that I got from Aisa's give-away. They're from Chilli Margarita. I've been wearing these for months now but I realized that I never took an outfit shot with it. Hehe And the necklace is from her give-away, too. It's from  Xreations. Go check out their fab stores! :)

Royal blue knitted shrug-a gift from my Aunt, blue romper from Singapore, vintage necklace from Xreations, red bangle-a gift from my Aunt, Terranova bag, Chilli Margarita shoes. 


Nina said...

I'm loving the color combo. :)

Abbie♥ said...

Save more on shopping! I'm with you on that, Alexa! So good luck to us, both! Hahaha! BTW, I love your blue cardigan.♥

Aisa.Paxie said...

wow cute ng shoes!!!!:) love your whole outfit. nice styling babe!!!

minnja said...

wow, I just love it :)


I Am Alexa said...

@Nina: Thanks, dear! :)

@Abbie: Hehehe Thanks!

@Aisa: Thank you for your give-away! Heheheh :) Mwah.

@Minnja: Thanks, dear! ^^

Honey Andrade said...

Seryoso, you dunno how to ride a bike? Hahaha, ang cute mo naman!! LOL!!

Sweet said...

cute outfit it...excited for the upcoming contest too...


BABI said...

i love your bracelet. :-)

I Am Alexa said...

@Honey: Yes, I really cannot ride a bike. Hahahaha :)

@Sweet: Thanks! And I'm super excited for your contest! ^^

@BABI: Thank you, dear! :)