Under the Sea

My family and I landed in Manila last December 23rd. The moment I stepped outside the airport, I was greeted by the cool, perfect weather. Eventhough the sun was out, it was very windy. We immediately started our trip and went directly to Manila Ocean Park.

I will be honest, sea creatures don't really fascinate me. You see, I only like to sing Ariel's "Part of Your World." Hehe But when I saw the animals, I changed my mind. They were all too cute and interesting. We watched the Marine Life Show first. If you ever go to Ocean Park, please watch this. The sea lions are amazing! They can dance, clap their fins, do tricks and do other charming things.

Next, we went inside the Oceanarium. I was in awe and scared at the same time. I was interested with the different kinds of animals but I got paranoid thinking what will happen to me if the glass will break and I will be stuck inside. I die.

Me and my cousin

We also went to the jellyfish area. This place is very cool.There were different colors of jellyfishes.

Then we went to Mall of Asia and grabbed lunch at Pancake House. After stuffing ourselves, we started shopping. I bought a shirt from People are People and a cute long sleeve shirt from Terranova for my little sister.

Guess denim jacket, pink floral romper from Singapore, Parisian oxfords, Celine bag, wayfarers.


Honey Andrade said...

Yay for fishies.. :P

Come back to Manila!! Hehe

I Am Alexa said...

@Honey: Hahahah Yessss, I will go back there! ^^

Reg said...

i'm from manila and i've never been there :( looks fun!


I Am Alexa said...

@Reg: We had so much fun there! Try to visit Ocean Park when you have the time. ^^

Miss Donata said...

loved the manila ocean park when i took my son there even i enjoyed!! =)

anyway i am passing on to you the stylish blogger award even if you probably gotten one already!!!


AVA T.♥ said...

alexa! we went here too last jan. 1 hehe but it was SO packed with people =| and we didn't get to see the sea lions..huhu. Oh well. Love yours! at least i got a glimpse of what we didn't see :)

I Am Alexa said...

@Miss Donata: Wow, thank you so much, dear! :)

@Ava: Hehe Try to watch the sea lion show when you get the chance. They are sooo cute! :)