Baby Shower

We surprised our friend with a baby shower last Saturday. The party was held at her house and we invited all of her closest friends, workmates and family. Her boyfriend spent the day with her so we had enough time to prepare all the decorations and the food. We asked all the guests not to wrap their gifts so that we can use them as decors as well. My gift is this super cute cherry printed onesie with an adorable bib that says, "Sweetie." It even came with a little hanger and a garment bag! Hahaha I was supposed to buy this one-piece pink and white striped vintage-inspired swimsuit but my Mom thought I was insane for choosing it. So, I just bought the onesie instead. :) The baby shower was very successful and our friend was very surprised and happy with how the party turned out.

When I do get pregnant, can someone give my baby a couture gown for her baptism? Hahahah Just kidding.

Deko'z powder blue blazer, WAGW beige top, Forever21 pink shorts, Parisian oxfords, my sister's necklace.


Honey Andrade said...

Love your blazer!!! :D And I want a couture dress for my unborn daughter also. Haha!!

Melai said...

The baby couture gown was funny :)) and wow, you guys were so sweet to give your friend that surprise baby shower! Love that baby blue blazer! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Sandra said...

You've got awesome leggs! :D
Anyway I like you blazer and shorts!

Abbie♥ said...

Couture gown LOL that'd be cool! :) I like your necklace. It's so pretty! BTW, i left you an award in my blog. :)

I Am Alexa said...

@Honey: Hehe Thanks, dear! ^^

@Melai: Thank you! :)

@Sandra: Wow, thanks! ^^

@Abbie: Really? Awwww.. That's so sweet of you. Thanks, babe! :)

6roove said...

sweet pastels :))

Nina said...

i love the pink and blue combo! it so fits the occasion. :)

I Am Alexa said...

@6roove: Thank you. ^^

@Nina: Thanks, babe! :)