There's a World Out There that We Should See

Sometimes I buy things that I don't even need just so I can look at them at home. Last year, I bought this pair of really high heels because they look really pretty but I never got to wear them. Why? Because walking in them for more than 5 minutes is the equivalent of being eaten by a shark. It's that painful. Another example, I bought floral pumps for the same reason that they look very cute and pretty but I don't wanna get them dirty so I never wear them out. I just stare at them when I'm bored at home. Hahaha Same story with my new pocket notebooks here. I have like a million notepads, notebooks, organizers and etc. but I just felt that I really needed these in my life. They are just sooo cute. :)

F21 gray shirt, Guess belt, floral shorts from SG, Parisian oxfords, Terranova bag, bangles from downtown area, blue beaded bracelet from Miss East, my sister's necklace.


Sandra said...

Wow I like all! Just everything from this look <3

Honey Andrade said...

Freshness ang outfit mo.. :)

And I can relate to buying stuff you dont really need.. Hahaha! Maybe its a girl thing? :P

Melai said...

Before, I used to spend on stuff that I don't really need. But after working and knowing the monetary value of my hardwork, I really had to discipline myself on my expenses! hahaha

Melai of Style and Soul

BABI said...

i love everything in your outfit! it's simple yet chic! :-)


I Am Alexa said...

@Sandra: Thank you, dear! :)

@Honey: Hahaha You're right. It's probably a girl thing. :)

@Melai: I gotta discipline myself, too. Heheh ^^

@Babi: Thank you, dear! :)

ching said...

i feel for you when you said you buy things that i don't need. hehe

I Am Alexa said...

@Ching: Hehehe Thanks, dear! ^^

thegreenhairclip said...

i do the same.. impulsive buying and worse, stuff i might not use at all. :( bad habit..

i have the same necklace! :)

congrats on the feature!

I Am Alexa said...

@The Green Hair Clip: It's my little sister's necklace. :) Thank you , dear! ^^