Nude and Black

I love how nude and black look together. The latter may be a strong shade but pairing it with nude gives it a soft and casual feel.
You guys know I live in high heels. I can dance, jump, skip, hop and do all sorts of things in them. I'm not exactly a big fan of flats but oxfords are an exception. I love how they look and how comfy they are. Must find myself a floral pair soon. :)

Absolute blazer, WAGW tank, Watchman shorts, Hellas bag, vintage oxfords, belt from The Metro.


dred said...

oh dear you look gorgeous. i'm most loving the bag! :)

in Aie's shoes said...

For a second I thought the bag was Hermes! You had me at "H" =)

I love your oxfords!

Anonymous said...

I really love that bag! :) Hermes na hermes ang dating! ;)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i really love how sleek your looks are alexa...<3

ps. sorry about the weird greeting sa cinema..hahaha!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

DaMnViXeN said...

<3 for the bag! ^^

Nina said...

love your blazer! :)

Twee said...

really lovely bag and shoes~!!love them =)

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I Am Alexa said...

Thank you so much, my loves! :)