Dreaming of Coachella

Can somebody please kidnap me and take me to Indio? I swear I HAVE to attend Coachella.

I can already feel the music, the party, the fun, the summer heat and of course, the fashion. :)

About the outfit, I would definitely wear something like this to Coachella. I've had the shorts since I was in 5th grade. Haha It amazes me how I manage to squeeze into such tiny and constricting things and still breathe normally. Hehehe

I've always been inspired by how people dress up when they attend music festivals like this. Below are some of my favorites:

Vintage lace cropped top, Guess belt, Guess shorts, vintage bag, gladiators from SM, bangles from Accessorize.


cherie said...

this look is so hip and chic! perfect for coachella nga!

Melai said...

love it alex! :)

Mars said...

People who attend Coachella are just too cool. But Glastonbury remains the coolest, in my opinion. :) Your outfit is so chic, I love the boho,lackadaisical, throw-cautions-to-the-wind vibe. So young and fresh.

Mars of fashion insouciance

LiezyL said...

i will forever dream of coachella! ♥

I Am Alexa said...

@Cherie: Thanks, dear! :)

@Melai: Thank you ^^

@Mars: Thanks, babe! :)

@Liezyl: Me, too!^^

being miss east said...

thAT ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO girl ha. sumosobra.

misz lollybabe said...

am lovin ur hippie-kinda-look!!
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dred said...

i love your shorts lex and the feather headpiece.:) you're so lucky you can still fit in them. hehe


I Am Alexa said...

@Miss East: Hahahaha Bitter Ocampo nasad ta! Haha

@Misz Lollybabe: Thanks, dear! ^^

@Dred: Hahaha I know right? :)

Molly O said...

great post! I love your outfit and the inspiration photos are really nice too!