Painted Faces Fill the Places I Can't Reach

I like stealing borrowing my brother's stuff.
Ever since he left for California last year, I frequently raid his closet. The clothes that he left here look sad and lonely that's why I incorporate them into my outfits every now and then.

How about you? Whose closets do you like to raid? :)

My brother's white shirt, random khaki pants, YRYS skinny belt, shoes from Nordstrom.


Aisa.Paxie said...

love this lex!!! you rock menswear!:) love your brothers shirt ha:)

Love, Pax

cherie said...

that's such a good idea alexa! i love the necklace too :)

Quiapo Ilalim said...

i like to raid my moms closet, because its full of vintage stuffs =)) haha!

Kookie B. said...

love the relaxed and mannish vibe of the outfit!

I Am Alexa said...

@Aisa: Thanks, dear! :)

@Cherie: Thank you, babe. ^^

@Quiapo Llalim: Me, too! :)

@Kookie: Thanks, babe! :)

Hazey said...

I love love this whole outfit! YOu have such a great style. Following you now, please check out my blog also. Salamat :)