Never Again

On the way home tonight, I was thinking about stuff. I realized that a lot of things happened in the first half of the year already and I seem to be unaware of that. Often times I tend to worry so much about what will happen the next day that I forget to appreciate the beauty of what's in the present.

I thought about the memorable events that took place in the last few months and I was dumbfounded of how little importance and gratitude I gave for everything. I should be more focused on what is happening now than worry about what will happen tomorrow. I should embrace the present and enjoy every moment.

Have a great night, my loves!

Shrug from ISIS, over-sized tank and trousers from The Metro, necklace- a gift, shoes from Nordstrom, cuff from SM.


LBSfashion said...

i feel like that most of the time. I'm such a worry wart! Tell me when you're over it and then help me! hehe. -issa

cherie said...

i feel like that too most of the time! i love your shrug :)

Leah said...

i really love your blogs. i literally view it till your very first post. i'm still in the process of making my own blog and finding some inspirations like you. :) i'm also from cebu and currently studying college. hope to see more posts.

Eden said...

a post written well. sometimes we try really hard to achieve and strive for the future that we tend to forget that we've got a great thing going already...

also a great look for you:)


mestizay said...

Great ensemble! The shrug gives off a very classy vibe.
You look very pretty dear.