I have been blogging since 2008 and I think I am now immune to the weird stares people give me whenever I have my outfit shots taken. I have now learned how to ignore awkward moments when people stop to look and wonder what I'm doing. But it's the never ending mockery that I get from my fiancé that I will never get over. You see, he's very patient when taking my photos but after all the shots have been taken, he likes to imitate my poses in a very exaggerated way. It's really weird and embarrassing. Haha But it's cute though. :)

Reversible top from July, Oxygen skirt, clutch from SM, Call It Spring suede shoes, Forever 21 slim bangles and a vintage cuff from Charles


Laura said...

You look so sweet!
Fashionhypnotised girl

Kumiko Mae said...

i love how your lips match your top oh so perfectly :)

Dominique B. said...

Love this look! esp. the skirt! xx

The Niknok Style

being miss east said...

agi lang ko. hahahaha bring a loooot of stuff on saturday ha. i missss ya!

Melai said...

I know what you mean when you say, you've gotten used to people looking when you take outfit shots :) Haha!

Melai of Style and Soul