Today was a Fairytale: Wedding Day Preparations

Charles and Alexa Martin
February 18, 2012
Ocean Pavilion, Shangri-La Mactan

Sharing a few photos of our Wedding day preparations.


mardijane said...

Congratulations it the very least that I have to offer you! May you and your new husband live a long, happy and enriched life. You look absolutely stunning and I hope that the greatness of this day is just a sign of what is to come.

Love love love always on this beautiful occasion,


littELLEbratontheloose said...

Congratulations to you and your husband! ♥♥♥

sigh said...

very nice pics!
Who's the photographer?

I Am Alexa said...

@Mardijane: Thank you very much, dear! :)

@Elle: Thank you!! :)

@Sigh: Thank you! Our photographer was Marlon Capuyan! :)