Bloggers United 3 ~ Winners

Below are the lucky winners of tickets* to the Bloggers United 3 Summer Bazaar:

Lia Carmela Y. Delfin
Marie Angelique Gabrielle B. Villa
Abigail Chang
Sharmaine Damian
Daryll S. Fagarang
Angelique Fey Racusa
Bella Morcen
Juliette Ann Z Boa
James Jason C. Martin
Iola Katrina Sabio
Trixia Mae Cruz
Alexandrine Dominique F. Delfin
 Hazel Ann Uri
Aerielle Nuestro
Allyssa Clutario
Grace Abigail Siy
Regine Anne Sibayan
Jessica Joy Rondero
Michaela Juanson
 Jeleen D. Antonio

Thanks to everyone who joined. See you all on June 2! :)

*One ticket per person.


Zelle ♥ said...
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I Am Alexa said...

@Zelle: Yes, just bring an ID with you. :)

Alexandrine Delfin said...

Thank you so so much Ms. Alexa! Sorry for having a long name, lol! See you soon! :))Can I take pictures with you, btw? :)

I Am Alexa said...

@Alexandrine: Sure! See you this Saturday! :)