FIDA Hair & Make-up Workshop

I love everything that has to do with beauty and fashion. I love having pamper treatments, shopping for new accessories and stocking my closet with the latest fashion pieces. I love getting ready everyday and standing in front of my wardrobe and putting together my outfit. But  no matter how much thought I put into my clothes, I always feel like my look won't be complete without a made up face. I have always been interested in make-up but I just didn't know how to put it on like the pros. You see, I can only do the basics conceal blemishes, powder my face, do my brows, put on liquid eyeliner and lipstick. That's all. But what if I have to go to an event and can't find someone to do my make-up asap? I can't just rely on my basic skills to look fab. I really felt the need to go and get proper training.

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the Hair and Make-up workshop last week at the Fashion Institute of Design and Arts. I have to say it was such a learning experience! The thought of going to a fashion school everyday to make myself pretty is really beyond amazing. We learned the techniques of Rhino Deiparine, a Hair and Make-up artist who's trained and licensed in the US. He started with Make-up 101: the history, the terminologies, the tools and the different kinds of make-up for each part of the face. Everyday we tackled different areas: the face, the eyes, the brows, the cheeks, the lips and the hair. He expressed the importance of observing a daily skin regimen to keep it looking healthy. Out of all the beauty items that you should splurge on, he says that it should be on good quality foundation. Our face should always be make-up ready and only a proper foundation can help us achieve that.

Then he demonstrated the basics in make-up application and also encouraged us not to be afraid to experiment with colors. He also gave us tips in hiding our flaws and enhance our features. As he was demonstrating, we couldn't help but stare at his make-up stuff. They were to die for! He had every make-up brand you can think of and in every color and shade! 

After all the classes on make-up, we discussed hair. I was really surprised with the million things you can do with it. I mean look at those pictures! From the ultra chic chignon, to the funky braids and gorgeous wavy locks, I was really excited to buy a bunch of pins and elastics and try those styles!

Sharing to you the first look that I did. Since most of the shadows that I have are neutral ones, I used brown and taupe on the lids and used gold to highlight my eyes. Also used my favorite Lumene bronzer, Lancome lipstick in Caramel, mascara and liquid eyeliner to line my eyes.

The second look is perfect for day-time. Wanted to try the light eyes-dark lips combo so I applied white frosted shadow, lined my eyes, put on two coats of mascara and used this gorgeous bold lip color from MAC. Also dabbed a pretty shade of pink on my cheeks to finish the look.

For the third look, I experimented with colors on my eyes and chose L'Oreal HiP Bright Duo in Flamboyant. You can't really see the colors clearly on the photo but the yellow and purple combo is super pretty and perfect for summer!

This was the look that I did on the final day of the course. We did our hair and make-up and a photographer was there to take our shots. Will share more about our mini graduation on my next post.

I really learned a lot from this experience. I realized that buying products is not difficult anymore. I can go into a beauty shop and not feel intimidated because I know now which products suit me. I already know the right shades of make-up to buy, the different eyeshadow color combinations that I can apply, and the different tools to get and how they're used. Another good thing about the course is that it makes you feel pretty and it makes you feel good about yourself. Plus, I get to have pretty blog photos! :)

Thank you so much FIDA for having me.


Honey said...

I love make-up, cosmetics & pampering stuff too! You are so lucky to have attended this workshop... I would love learn more how to put on eye makeup or how to apply a mix of foundation to highlight the face... Thanks for sharing! ♥

Anonymous said...

i have a love-hate relationship with makeup! and just like you, i always get intimidated every time i visit a beauty shop :s

love all the looks, Alexa! too gorgeous!

toni perfumed red shoes

I Am Alexa said...

@Honey: You should try the course at FIDA! It's such a learning experience! :)

@Toni: Go attend the course, Toni! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! :)

mardijane said...

Your looks are so great, I absolutely love them! Good luck with everything.

x/o Becoming Urban

I Am Alexa said...

@Mardijane: Thanks, dear! :)