Finding Your Perfect Party Dress

Every woman deserves a party dress that makes her look and feel great, but with so many different options available, finding the perfect item can be difficult. Not only is it important that you select a cut which flatters your shape but you also need to consider which colours and patterns will work best with your complexion whilst catering to your personal fashion tastes.


The colour you wear can have a big effect on the way your skin looks, so choose a shade that complements your skin tone and makes you look glowing and healthy.

If you’ve got dark skin then avoid blacks and browns as they can make your skin appear dull. You can opt for the lighter shades on the spectrum like white, pink and pale blue or make a stand with bright, tropical patterns.

Girls with medium skin tones look great in blacks and browns, but reds and blues work too. Remember to choose warm tones and shades to give your skin a healthy glow.

If you’ve got pale skin then black can make you look washed out, but if you want to emphasise your pale and interesting tone, then white can look stunning provided you accessorise with a splash of colour.


Larger chested ladies should avoid strapless occasion dresses as they rarely offer the support needed. Instead, opt for square necks to minimise the appearance of your bust or choose a sweetheart neckline if you want to make the most of what you’ve got.

If you’ve got a smaller chest then you can dare to bare some skin with a plunging neckline. Low necklines are all over the high street and are a great way of flashing the flesh whilst still looking sophisticated. If you choose a plunging neckline then keep your hemline just above the knee or longer to ensure you look chic and make sure you wear a suitable bra which will offer support without being visible through your dress.

If you want to disguise your tummy then this year’s peplum cut is perfect for you. The peplum cut gives you curves in all the right places and covers your tummy with a short overskirt. Peplum and print work great together so choose yours in pretty floral or bold tropical patterns.

If you lack curves or you’ve got big hips, then the empire line style is best. Maxi dresses are ideal for creating a waist and slimming down hips, because they draw attention to the slimmest part of your body. If you’re on the shorter side then wear your maxi with wedges to elongate your frame.

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