ZenZest Sparkling Sugar Collection

 A few days ago, the lovely people from ZenZest sent over a beauty bag full of goodies! Want to see what's inside? :)

They sent me four scents from their Sparkling Sugar Collection and a Fragrance Diffuser.

First thought that came to mind when I opened the bag and saw these items was their pretty packaging! I absolutely love it! I am such a sucker for cute and dainty designs so you could tell I went gaga over these bottles. I uncapped them one by one and started smelling each. Cotton Candy is a sweet, fruity and playful fragrance. The scrumptious scent of tart green lime and honey in Key Lime Pie lingers on the skin and is very refreshing. The combined fragrance of cherries, vanilla and saccharine honey make up the Cherry Cheesecake bottle. Vanilla Ice Cream, which is my favorite, is composed of fresh vanilla beans and milk with a bit of honey. The Orange & Spices Fragrance Diffuser is a great alternative to the usual peppermint oil that I burn at home to keep the rooms smelling fresh and clean. The citrus scent of the diffuser is really lovely and I can't wait to use it!

 Just a whiff of these delectable fragrances is enough to make you feel as sweet as candy. Their luxurious range of Eau de Colognes can definitely fill the air with sugar, spice and everything nice.
There are actually two other scents included in the collection. These are Berry Cobbler and Watermelon Sorbet. I'm sure they smell good enough to eat just like the other four. These scents make wonderful gifts because of their adorable packaging and the different fragrance options you can choose from. With the holidays just around the corner, head on over to your nearest ZenZest branch as these inexpensive yummy treats would make the perfect Christmas stocking filler! :)


Sheena Fiel Dalman said...

wow! those are alot! :) i bet these smell so good :) Hope we could follow each other's blog :)


Michelle said...

mmm i love this stuff!

I Am Alexa said...

@Sheena: They smell good enough to eat! Hehe :)

@Michelle: Me, too! They smell really great! :)