Seine River Dinner Cruise

 When I received this little white dress in the mail from ShopAKIRA, I immediately fell in love with it. I mean who can resist such a gorgeous dress? It's versatile, classy and it fits perfectly. I especially like the peplum detail and the lady-like silhouette.

 I know lots of women are afraid to wear white because it's not very flattering. A good way to inject white items in your closet without worrying about your body type is by wearing something that has an over skirt or a peplum. It's such a feminine and figure-flattering detail because it cinches the waist and conceals any tummy flab.

 The cut-out on the back of the dress is definitely a nice touch and the polka-dot mesh makes it look more dainty and elegant. This is, by far, one of my favorite pieces and the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew exactly where to wear it.

What better place to wear my new dress than to the dinner cruise my husband and I booked when we were in Paris. I wanted to look extra chic and sophisticated that night so this dress was definitely the perfect choice.

 I accessorized the outfit with my brown clutch and pearl bracelets.

We spent the evening gliding along the Seine aboard this lovely riverboat.

 We enjoyed a three-course formal dinner that featured French Cuisine, fine wine and pink champagne.

 It was really nice to see how beautiful Paris is at night. We got a glimpse of the city's famous buildings, structures and landmarks.

 We also got to see The Eiffel Tower lit and a replica of the Statue of Liberty near the Grenelle Bridge on the Isle of the Swans, which is a man-made island in the river.

Aside from its usual illumination, at exactly 11 PM, the Eiffel Tower had a dazzling light show. It lasted for about 5 minutes and we were really amazed by this spectacular display. Seeing the Eiffel Tower flickering beautifully was a nice way to end our wonderful dinner cruise.

White Zara Coat, ShopAkira dress, Call It Spring heels, Forever 21 earrings, Pearl bracelets from Aldo


Frances said...

I am totally in lvoe with your dress. It is so classy and you look so beautiful in it :)

-xoxo, FRANCES

Lucie Srbová said...

I just discover your blog on Chictopia and I really love it! Omg, those pics are amazing! love your coat and dress!
Following you on GFC!

Kisses, Lucy:)

Milex said...

ridiculously stunning

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

this dress is just so wonderful! such a classy look.

lindsey louise

cherry arceo said...

the dress is just so classy. if you were aiming for sophistication, you definitely hit it. :)

Chyrel Gomez said...

In love with your white dress! <3

I Am Alexa said...

@Frances: Thank you, dear! I got it from ShopAKIRA. :)

@Lucy: Wow, thank you for following! :)

@Milex: Thank you! :)

@Lindsey: The dress really is beautiful! :)

@Cherry: OMG thank you so much! You're so sweet! :)

@Chyrel: Thanks! It's such a great alternative to the classic LBD! :)