SM GTW x I Am Alexa Give-Away

Because of the huge success of the 2012 Redhead Model Search, SM GTW and I have teamed up for an exciting give-away! Want to know what's at stake? You get to win fabulous SM GTW apparel, Redhead bags and coupons! The best part is, there will be 2 lucky winners for this give-away.

1st Prize:
A floral skirt and a white body suit + 3 Redhead Tote bags + (5) P100 coupons

2nd Prize: 
A cropped top + 3 Redhead tote bags + (5) P100 coupons

Here are the contest mechanics:

1. Like SM GTW on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.
2. Like I Am Alexa on Facebook and follow her through GFC (scroll down to bottom of the page and click "Join this site.")
3. Leave a comment on this post with your complete name, Facebook and Twitter usernames.

The give-away runs from November 1- November 29, 2012. What are you waiting for? Join now! :)
Contest open to Philippine residents only. Winners will be picked via


CarmisCaprice said...

Carmi Compasivo
FB: Carmi Compasivo
twitter: @carmiscaprice

Allyssa Clutario said...

Allyssa Clutario
Allyssa Clutario

Ghirlie Kilario said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Essa said...

Essa Polanco

Essa Polanco


Say Yap said...

Name: Say Yap
Fb: Say Yap
Twitter: @SAYjazzy9

Verna Abril said...

Verna Joyce H. Abril
Verna Joyce H. Abril

no other than Ging said...

Ma. Socorro Miralles
Ging Miralles


Claire Sereno


czarina daise said...

czarina daise m. pazcoguin
FB NAME: czarina pazcoguin
twitter: @czarinadaise

hazel iris said...

Hazel Iris Alvarez
FB: Hazel Alvarez

Margie Gallamos said...

Margie Gallamos
FB: Margie Gallamos
Twitter: @margegallamos

Ann F said...

Ann Flora
Ann Lorrein Flora

sujushidae said...

Carolina Sumague
Carol Sumague

kristina marie said...

Kristina Marie Letada
FB: Kristina Letada
Twitter: @kmltina

Chyrel Gomez said...

joining! haha!

FB: Chyrel Gomez
Twitter: thechyrelgomez

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Krystal Pearl Braga
Facebook: Krystal Pearl Braga
twitter: @itahl

Dressed To Kill said...

fayeliza marie palces
twitter: @riezaye
facebook: fayeliza marie palces (

xoxoceline said...

Cecile Marie Lugtu
FB:Celine Lugtu
Twitter: @xoceline

Sapphi Rine said...

Rin De Los Reyes
Sapphi Rine

Rachel Canales said...

Rachel Canales
FB: Rachel Rebollido Canales

Kristine Villano said...

Kristine Villano
FB: Kristine Villano
Twitter: @kweshiedoodles

Nancy Cudis said...

Nancy Cudis
Nancy Cudis

Great giveaway, by the way! :)

Carmelle Faye said...

Carmelle Faye Montalbo
FB: Carmelle Faye Montalbo
Twitter: @omgcarmz

Isabel :)) said...

Jamaica Isabel Buguis
FB: Jamaica Isabel
Twitter: @pinkberriees
GFC: Isabel :))

bernadine margie alcid said...

bernadine margie alcid

rachel Garrie said...

Name: Rachel Ann Lamano
FB: Princess Snow (
Twitter: @143myprince

Katrina said...

Katrina Ugalino
Katrina Ugalino

Mar said...
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Leah said...

Leah Busaing
FB: Leah Busaing
Twitter: @simplyyleah

Allyzon Mae Sabio said...

Allyzon Mae S. Sabio
FB: Allyzon Mae Sabio
Twitter: @itsmeAllyzonMae

Jill Roque said...

June Izabelle Roque
FB / Twitter: Jill Roque / @jillroque

rejj said...

Rejj Sibayan
Twitter: @rejjisheart

Margaret said...

Margaret Joyce Francisco
FB: Margaret Joyce Francisco
Twitter: @snazzymarga

cai presby said...

Ruth P. Calsada
FB: Ruth Presbitero Calsada
TWITTER: @PreticaiB

sheryl federico said...

Sheryl Federico
FB Name: Sheryl Federico
Twitter: @chrazieyorz

madjewelled said...
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Angel Villa said...

Marie Angelique Gabrielle B. Villa
Angel Villa (

Lorices said...

Lorices Pearl Paiton
Facebook Name: Lorices Pearl Dalumpines Paiton
Twitter Username: @loricespearl

Nina Tesorero said...

Nina Louise Tesorero
Facebook Name: Nina Louise Tesorero
Twitter Username: @NinnyLouiseee

:) ♥

Claudine Lao Miranda said...

Name: Claudine Lao Miranda
Fb: Amber Lo
Twitter: @imafashionslave

Sannydrops said...

Roselle Adecer-Labitad
FB: Roselle Adecer-Labitad
Twitter: @scrabblefun

reylyn cruz said...

Name: Reylyn Cruz
Facebook Name: Reylyn Cruz
Twitter ID: dhei_dreaming

hope to win! #crossedfingers =)))

Antoinette Angeles said...

Antoinette Angeles
FB : angelesantoinette
twitter : @tonyoungg

Frances Carolyn Tan said...

Name: Frances Carolyn Tan
Facebook: Frances Carolyn Tan
twitter: @francesstan

Anne said...

Michelle Anne Mae T. Ma
FB: Michelle Ma
Twitter: @crankyannecrazy

cynel cabilen said...

full name : cynel cabilen
FB name : cynelcabilen
twitter : @itsmecy27

Anna Patricia Ladiana said...

NAme: Anna Patricia Ladiana
FB Name: Triicia Ladiana
Twitter: @TLadiana

Dayanara de Lima said...

Dayanara P. de Lima
FB: Dayanara de Lima
Twitter: @aradelima

Lora Esguerra said...

Lora Maria Teresa Esguerra
Facebook: Lora Maria Teresa Esguerra
Twitter: @iamsuperlora

Mica Ella de Jesus said...

Mica Ella P. de Jesus
FB: Mikay De Jesus
Twitter: @micaloveirish

mhed aclan said...

Name: Melody Aclan
Facebook name: Mel Aclan
Twitter: @MheMhike

Jade de Guzman said...

Jade Christel O. de Guzman
fb: Jade Orque De Guzman
twitter: @jadecandied


NAme: Michelle Ann Arban
FB :

Shandie Valdez said...

Name: Shandie Valdez
Facebook: Shandie B. Valdez / ShandieIsSooReal
Twitter: @ziandeev

kaycee escober said...

Kaycee escober
Facebook: Kaye Pab
Twitter: @kayelovepab

Rachelle Anne Galon said...

TWITTER : @hotchicchel

Jen Destura said...

Jennica Marie Destura
FB: Jen Destura
Twitter: @jendestura

Alleyson Laurice said...

name: Alleyson Laurice R. Rabino
FB name: Alleyson Rabino
twitter username: @LauriceAlleyson

Kyla Barcela said...

Name: Kyla Barcela
Facebook: Doodley Love
Twitter: @doodleylovex

Anonymous said...

name: RiCalyn Sicad
fb: RiCalyn Sicad
twitter: @rsicad

Rayann C said...

Rayann Co
FB: Rayann Co
Twitter: Rayann Co

Kim Nieves said...

Name: Krisyl Kimberly B. Nieves
Facebook: Kim Baccay Nieves
Twitter: @iamkimnieves

voted for you. Hope you win as the best Cebu blog! <3

purpel said...

name: henley tabal
FB: Henley Tabal
Twitter: @henlaye

im from Cebu too - voted for you. hope u win!

Ellen Joy Fabian said...

Name: Ellen Joy B. fabian
Facebook: Ellen Joy Fabian
Twitter: @ellenchiq

Ame Casas said...

Name: Amirah Krisha Casas
Twitter: theonegirlarmy

zyra mae said...

Zyra Daoang

Kathleen Nieto said...

name: Kathleen Nieto

twitter: @KathleeNieto

jodhie said...

Jodhie Mae cabarles
Facebook:Mimi cabarles
twitter: @mimeeeng

Mikee Garcia said...

Mikee Mae V. Garcia
Facebook: Mikee Garcia
twitter: @mikeegrc

Kesibells said...

Kristine Camille Sulit
FB: Kristine Camille Sulit
Twitter: @Kesibells

Loren Kaye Ostia said...

Loren Kaye Ostia
Facebook: Loren Kaye Ostia
Twitter: @july21stkaye

Frances said...

Name: Frances Tracy Lachica Villaruel
Facebook: Frances Tracy Lachica Villaruel
facebook link:
Twitter username: @chloemane

Rochell Geronimo said...

Rochell K. Geronimo


Lots of love! xx :)