Palace of Holyroodhouse

Aside from exploring Edinburgh Castle and shopping at Princes Street, we also visited The Palace of Holyroodhouse, the official residence of The Queen when in Scotland. I swear the experience blew me away! I felt like I just stepped onto the set of Downton Abbey.

 We were the first ones to arrive and go inside so it was really nice having the palace to ourselves. We were able to walk around the Historic and State Apartments as well as the ruins of Holyrood Abbey.

The interior of the palace is fascinating and the rooms are renowned for their magnificent plasterwork ceilings and unrivaled collection of tapestries.

Photography isn't allowed inside so I took from the web the five images below so that you can see how the apartments look like.

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This is the Royal Dining Room where The Queen and other members of the Royal Family hold official dinner engagements.

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The Great Gallery is the largest room in the palace, where Jacob de Wet's portraits of the real and legendary kings of Scotland are on display.

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 The King's Bedchamber has the finest 17th-century plaster ceiling, stunning tapestries, exquisite paintings and other works of art.

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One of the most famous residents of the Palace of Holyroodhouse is undoubtedly Mary, Queen of Scots. Her chambers were the setting for the many dramatic episodes in her short reign. She witnessed the brutal murder of her secretary, David Rizzio, by her jealous husband Lord Darnley here.

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Among the collection of Stuart relics are a number of Mary's most personal possessions, including needlework and her perfume pomander. These treasures are housed in specially designed cabinets, like the ones in the photo above in her Outer Chamber.

According to medieval legend, a vision of a stag with a cross glowing between its antlers came to King David I while hunting in this area. Interpreting this as an act of God, he declared that an abbey should be built on the same spot. These ruins are what remain of the once grand abbey.

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