So what's the best souvenir to buy from Scotland? An authentic tartan scarf from The Edinburgh Woollen Mill, of course! I've always believed that the best mementos are the items that the country is renowned for.

 On my previous trip to Venice, I bought an Italian leather bag and when I went to Paris, I purchased what French women love to splurge on: a set of fine lingerie. Not only was I extremely pleased with these new acquisitions, I was also happy I got to bring home little pieces of Europe with me. So when you next travel, forget key rings and fridge magnets (which are often made in China anyway.) Instead, buy something that's truly made from its home soil.

 I wore this outfit when we went to two of Edinburgh's top attractions: The Palace of Holyrood House and The Royal Yacht Britannia. I didn't wear anything too fancy as I wanted to be very comfortable exploring these places.

 This scarf is from the Thompson clan and is often likened to the Burberry tartan. I love that whenever I wrap myself with this accessory, I'm wrapped in Scottish luxury. :)

Read about the palace tour on my next post! :)

Promod coat (similar) & gloves (similar,) Topshop sweatshirt (similar style here,) Mango jeans, New Look boots (similar,) Mango bag (similar,) Ray-Ban aviators,  Edinburgh Woollen Mill Tartan Scarf


Boheme.Fille said...

So lovely! Love the boots! :)

Sarvin Sidhu said...

nice outfit! x

Tessa: said...

The scarf is amazing, I bought a Scottish one as well last year (but in England, I know..) It looks great with the easy but yet stylish outfit!

I Am Alexa said...

@Boheme.Fille: Thanks, dear! Got the boots from New Look. :)

@Sarvin: Thank you! ^_^

@Tessa: I love how scarves complement your outfit and help keep you warm as well! :)