I love the military-inspired looks that I've been seeing on streetstyle blogs lately. While I doubt I will be sporting camouflage pieces anytime soon, this outfit is probably my closest interpretation of the trend. Instead of wearing army fatigues, I chose this olive green chiffon blouse from Forever 21 and paired it with my khaki shorts. My Prada Saffiano Lux bag and gold ID necklace put the finishing touches on this look.

Been itching to try this style? Here's a little tip when putting together your outfit: don't wear head-to-toe camo unless you work in the armed forces. :) Try donning a military jacket over a dress or pair camo jeans with a casual sweater.

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Forever 21 blouse, Watchman khaki shorts, Prada bag, Primark heels


Who is Thinkerbelle? said...

this outfit has the right amount of masculine touch..:) but still very classy and feminine..

Anonymous said...

looove this ensemble, lex! i dont think I can off pull the camo trend myself. haha!

oh and your bag! i drool!

toni perfumed red shoes

kdawnsy said...

Very very well put together. Perfect blend of Masculinity x Chicness. Ive been wanting to try looks like this one. Good one Lex :)

-DoNaH- said...

Thanks for sharing to us where you got your shoes. Spotted them on sale for £3. So happy :)

Alexa Martin said...

@Regina: Thank you. I do love mixing menswear with lady-like pieces. :)

@Toni: I love seeing other bloggers wear camo pieces though... Maybe one of these days I'll attempt to try this trend. :)

@Dawn: Thanks, dear! :)

@Donah: OMG £3??! Wish I also got my pair on sale, too! I paid full price for them back in February. Haha Gotta love Primark and their awesome deals. :)

Life's a shoe said...

nice outfit! LOVe your bag

Elonah Jade Bioneda said...

You look amazing! I wanna wear your clothes too! :)