Denim Overhaul with Lee Jeans

Hi, everyone! How was your Sinulog weekend? Hope you all had an amazing time celebrating the festival with your friends and family. Last Saturday, I was invited to the Lee Jeans DIY Denim Workshop held at The Penthouse. To celebrate 125 Years of Craftsmanship, they brought the event to Cebu just in time for Sinulog. The Grand Parade and the Fluvial Procession attracts foreign and local tourists every year making Cebu, the Queen City of the South, an excellent choice.
So how did we revamp our Lee jeans? We just followed these three simple processes. Because there were so many materials available for use such as scissors, paint, stencils, studs, patches and other embellishments, we were all excited to get creative and start designing.

The first leg of the workshop held in Manila in October 2013 was so successful so everyone was curious to see how the key Cebuano influencers reinvented one of the Lee Originals, the Bib Over-Alls. Uzi Emperado found inspiration in heavy metal music and translated this artistry into graphic design and large-scale murals. Doyle See used a "Kaleidoscope of Colors" to achieve his cool galaxy design and Nicolo Nimor collaborated with Chad Manzo in painting their denim masterpiece.  Mique Yapching shredded his denim pair and Andre Chang customized Lee’s heritage product with zippers.

For my own denim creation, I skipped the distressing process and went directly to the second station. I painted the side seams with white paint using the stencil that I made (check out my inspiration for this geometric design here.)

 After the paint dried, I went on over to the "Finishing" station and selected the button, patch and rivets that I wanted.

My first DIY project is finally done and I couldn't be more proud! :)

If you guys want to see the denim designs of the other attendees, hop on over to Lee's Facebook page. You may also follow them on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

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Vanessa Ribeiro said...

So cool jeans!
Love it <3

Vanessa Ribeiro