Flawless Oil Control
Advanced Facial Review

Since I gave birth to my daughter, I really haven't found the time to relax and pamper myself. Beauty treatments aren't high on my list of priorities but now that we've settled into a routine at home, I thought I should fix that. Last week, I had a manicure and pedicure and I also got my hair done. So what's next on the agenda? A facial, of course!

Last Thursday, I dropped by the Flawless clinic at SM Cebu to get pampered. Would you guys believe it was my first time to get a facial? I'm like one of the most vain people I know but I've always been apprehensive about trying any service/ procedure that concerns my face. My skin is super sensitive and almost always has a bad reaction to anything I put on it. Another thing that put me off having facials was that a friend of mine warned me that they can be a bit painful especially during the extraction phase. 

Well I finally bit the bullet and booked an appointment for an Oil Control Advanced Facial. The treatment is perfect for those with oily skin because it deep cleanses the face, unclogs pores and removes all toxins and impurities. If you're interested in trying the treatment but not sure exactly what to expect, read on to learn about my experience.

Upon entering the clinic, I was greeted by shelves full of products. They offer a wide range of soaps, cleansers, toners and more depending on your skin's needs. May it be to lighten scars, fight acne, combat lines and wrinkles or control oil, Flawless has the right beauty product for it.

For those with skin concerns, you will be glad to know that they offer a free consultation with their doctors. Not only are their dermatologists experienced, their aestheticians are very knowledgeable as well. My therapist, Tootsie, was very accommodating and answered all of my questions.

The Treatment Room

After filling in the personal data sheet, my therapist led me to the Treatment Room. The first thing I noticed inside was the ambiance. The soft lighting, soothing instrumental music and neatly arranged treatment tables all contributed to a calming and comfortable atmosphere.

Their attention to detail surpassed my expectations and I really liked that they have storage compartments at the foot of each table to keep your personal belongings.

Flawless advocates cleanliness and hygiene so before entering the treatment rooms, all their clients have to sanitize their hands. Each customer is also provided with a disposable headband, sanitized sheets and towels and a personal face pack (like the one pictured above) containing sterilized tools, cotton, tissues, etc.

So how did my facial go?

The treatment began with the inhalation of some aromatic oils for relaxation. A DermaLift foaming wash followed by a cleansing cream was applied to thoroughly clean my skin. Much to my delight, my therapist then massaged my face, head, shoulders and arms.

Next was the facial scrub. She used a mechanical brush to exfoliate my face and remove dead skin cells. I really liked the peppermint scrub that she used, which had a pleasant aroma and a cooling effect on my skin.

To make the extraction process more bearable, she steamed my face for 15 minutes. While waiting, an eye gel was applied onto my lids and my hands were covered with a hot pack for added comfort. A suction tool was then used on my face to remove deep seeded dirt.

Now here's the unpleasant part of the facial, the extraction of blackheads and whiteheads. I'm not gonna lie, it was really painful especially on the nasal area but my therapist assured me it will be less uncomfortable after each treatment. I really appreciated though that she tried her best to be quick and gentle when pricking my face. She also gave me a few seconds to deal with the pain before continuing with the procedure.

I also noticed that my eyes were extra sensitive to the lamp so you might want to wear a mask or some sort of covering to protect them.

After the extraction process, she applied a toner and wrapped my face with gauze. A laser wand was then utilized to close my pores to prevent any infection.

After spraying a multivitamin serum onto my skin, she proceeded to apply the face mask. I was told the regular Oil Control facial uses a seaweed mask while the advanced facial (the one I had) makes use of a Nova mask, a powerful mask that solidifies into a gel-like consistency that can be applied over the entire face including the eye and mouth area. I am obsessed with face masks that's why this was my favourite part of the facial.

Next, a toner was used to remove any mask residue. The treatment finished off with a water-based moisturizer + sunblock.

I really enjoyed my first facial and I felt like a layer of my skin was stripped off. My face looked squeaky clean but still felt hydrated. When I woke up the morning after, I noticed my skin was less oily and my face felt light and smooth. I was also really pleased that I didn't experience any allergic reactions to the products used. I'm definitely adding facials to my beauty regimen and I'm looking forward to visiting the clinic next month for another session.

All in all, the P980 price tag for the consultation, facial, mask and massage is very reasonable. I highly recommend this service especially to those with oily skin. If you're interested in trying this or any of their treatments, you might want to take advantage of their ongoing promotion. If you book 3 sessions, you instantly get 2 more for free. For more details of their 3+2 Beauty TakeOff campaign, click here.

Happy Sunday! :)

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