Tony Moly Liptone, Eyetone and Cheektone Review

While stocking up on sheet masks at Tony Moly a few weeks ago, I noticed a familiar sight out of the corner of my eye. Displayed on the front shelf were white-capped glass bottles of varying lip colours. From the minimalist aesthetic to the bold font style and recognizable sleek design, it's no doubt the packaging of these lippies was inspired by Pantone's colour chips. 

I quickly learned they not only have lip products in this collection but also carry eyeshadows and blushers. I thought they were very interesting and I just couldn't leave the store without getting a few items from this line. Marrying art and beauty, I imagine these make a great conversation piece the moment you whip them out of your bag.

Interested in these Pantone-inspired makeup products? Read on for reviews and swatches.

Liptone Get It Tint in 04 Red Hot (P478)

I've always preferred lipsticks over other lip products but when I tried Tony Moly's Delight Tony Tint last year, I instantly got hooked! I never thought of myself as a lip tint kind-of-girl but I love how light they are on the lips and how they give your puckers a naturally stained look.

When I first opened the box, I was slightly concerned about having picked up a broken bottle but as it turns out, these Tony Moly Liptone Get It Tints are manufactured with double lids (one that caps off and the other that twists off) to ensure no product leaking.

Packaging is very similar to a nail polish bottle and it has a doe-foot applicator  that allows you to apply and distribute the product evenly.

It looks like a deep red colour in the bottle but when you swatch it, it's actually a nice red orange hue, my go-to red shade as it's perfect for those with medium skin tone.

Liptone Get It Tint is a bit like a gel and is slightly thicker than water. It blends easily and dries quickly. The colour looks more opaque than other tints I've tried and stays put even after many hours. Tested this the other day and I went 8 hours straight with no touch-ups.

Other shades to choose from: 01 Pink Ming, 02 Coral Ming, 03 Play Orange, 05 All Night Red and 06 Dark Night.

Liptone Get It Tint Water Bar in 04 Red in Red (P478)

As the name suggests, it's very similar to the Get It Tint except it's not a liquid. Basically, it's a lip tint in lipstick form. The Get It Tint Water Bar is the perfect tint for the Summer season as it is hydrating and feels cool on the lips upon application. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins C & E for added moisture; flower fruit complex with antioxidant properties; and Hydrolyzed Collagen to make your lips look plump.

I purchased it in the Red in Red shade, which is a true red colour. It has the pigmentation of a lipstick, the staying power of a high-end lip product and the light-weight formula of a lip balm. Saying that I am completely obsessed with it is an understatement! I can't believe I've just discovered this now. I will definitely be picking up more colours from this line on my next visit!

Other shades to choose from: 01 Pinky in Pink, 02 Sunny in Orange, 03 Orange in Red and 05 Plum in Purple.

Swatches of Liptone Get It Tint in 04 Red Hot and Get It Tint Water Bar in Red in Red.

Lip Care Stick in 03 Mint Light (P228)

I probably have one too many lip balms in my beauty stash but I just couldn't resist buying more. I mean, look at this packaging!

They have 4 different balms on offer and I asked their friendly SAs which one is their best-seller. Apparently many of their customers go for the Mint variant so I thought I'd give it a try. Made with coconut oil and peppermint additives, this lip care stick is recommended for those who do not like overly sticky/ heavy/ shiny balms.

Other care sticks available: 01 Honey Moisture (intense moisture,) 02 Rose Blossom (radiant glow,) and 04 Sugar Scrub (lip scrub.)

Eyetone Matte in M05 Tea Rose and Shimmer Eyeshadow in S02 Latte Brown (P298 each)

Tony Moly's Eyetone line has a wide variety of both matte and shimmer shadows. They are easy to blend and have a silky smooth texture.

I find that good quality matte shadows in a broad range of colours are somewhat difficult to find here so these Eyetone single shadows are definitely a good deal. If you're just starting to build your makeup collection, these products are a great addition as they are very affordable and they have lots of classic neutral shades that are sure to be staples in your kit.

 Cheektone Powder in P07 Orange Shower (P378)

I'm a big fan of Tony Moly's Crystal blushers (I use on the daily 07 Bronze Brown as my bronzer and 03 Pleasure Peach as blush) so you can just imagine how excited I was to try their Cheektone Powder. I am a sucker for a good orange blush so naturally, I'd gravitate towards this shade.

I know the bright orange pan looks a bit intimidating but trust me, hues like this work so well on morenas and give your skin that gorgeous summer glow. Aside from powders, they also carry cream blushers under this line.

Other shades to choose from: P01 Milky Violet, P02 Floria Pink, P03 Wink Coral, P04 Marmalade, P05 Deep Kiss Lover and P06 Salmon Nude.

Swatches of Eyetone Matte Eyeshadow in M05 Tea Rose, Eyetone Shimmer Eyeshadow in S02 Latte Brown and Cheektone Powder in P07 Orange Shower.

Have you tried any of these beauty items? Which one's your favourite? Will be sharing a makeup look soon featuring these products! :)

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