The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s 2017 Giving Journal

Last weekend, we had the wonderful opportunity of attending the launch of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's 2017 Giving Journal.

I always look forward to joining their events because they always have fun activities that you can participate in. In 2015, we had a Watercolour Workshop and this year, we got to decorate sugar cookies, which were later distributed to less fortunate children around the city.

This is my third consecutive time collecting their planners and as with every year, they design them to be more than just diaries. Aside from the monthly calendar and notes pages, you can find inspiration on how to brew your best year yet. From meaningful quotes to sketches of the brand's various commitments and monthly highlights of their partner organisations and advocacies, CBTL encourages us to make a difference and to live a life full of love and service to others.

Another feature unique to each of the four journal designs is the icon that appears on the cover. Each one is a graphic representation of how CBTL commits to give back to the community through promoting goodwill and social responsibility.

So how do you avail of the 2017 Giving Journal? From October 22 onwards, customers can start collecting stamps from all The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores. Each stamp card consists of 12 circles with corresponding purchased drink/item assignments. These are as follows:

(1) Original Ice Blended (any flavour; regular or large)
(1) Tea Latte (any flavor; regular or large)
(1) Espresso/coffee-based Beverage (any flavour; regular or large; double)
(1) Holiday Featured Beverage (Winter Dream Tea Latte or Double Chocolate Strawberry; regular or large)

(8) Drinks of your choice— Original Ice Blended, Espresso/coffee-based and Tea-based Beverages, or Hot Chocolate/Hot Vanilla (any flavour; regular or large; double)

**(1) Box of CBTL capsules (any flavour) = 2 stamps
**(1) CBTL Single Serve Beverage System (Venus, Contata, Kaldi, or Desto) purchase automatically entitles the customer a 2017 Giving Journal
The best part? You're not just getting a journal but you are empowering scholars by giving them the gift of education through the Real LIFE Foundation, the Giving Journal’s beneficiary since 2011. By supporting their educational needs, you are bringing them one step closer to achieving their goals, enabling their dreams to take flight.

Available in 4 colours— rose, turquoise, purple and grey, the Giving Journal is a useful planner and a medium for generosity where you can begin writing the beautiful story of your own Giving Journey. 

Promo period is from October 22, 2016 to January 8, 2017.

For more details about the 2017 Giving Journal, you may visit their website, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or subscribe to

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